Show Reflection: Real Deal’s Mount Oliver Project Album Release Party

I’m a little delayed in letting yal know about the show last Saturday. It was a decent turnout, but the crowd’s energy was dope and very appreciated. I had a blast performing, and I managed to play the keys without screwing up royally. Jesse Mader performed after me. Jesse is a supremely talented artist whose performance has the kind of dynamics that all hip hop artists should live up to. He performs with a guitarist, and Jesse dabbles with some pad instrument (the name eludes me) that added some dope bass vibes. He’s a catchy ass MC too…”she still gets jealous of the headphone”.

The headliner was, of course, the one and only Real Deal. It was refreshing to see him perform his songs, and only his songs. What I mean is, as a legendary battle MC, it’s expected for him to do some freestyle/crowd participation/give me a topic segment. He did not, and honestly, as much as I like the crowd participation bridge to his performances, his songwriting is sadly underrated, so it was great to hear a slew of his jams. His catalog only gets better as time passes. His new album The Mount Oliver Project, the focal point of Saturday night, is no exception.


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With one of my inspirations in this whole shits Proseed

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Sherlock’s in Erie, PA June 2, 2017

Traveled to Erie, PA Friday night with my homie Noetik. This was the second show I’ve done with Jon Box who is a super cool promoter who used to live out in Cali til he relocated to the 5th largest city in Pennsylvania and basically took over the hip hop scene there. The scene definitely keeps up with the times, so a lot of trap music , yet I definitely dug how folks rolled onto the floor when I grabbed the mic. It’s also a good experience to see and hear the reactions of an audience that might not always hear a style oriented to traditional hip hop. The one major downside to the show was the fact that I was under the weather and my lungs felt like they were performing at 70% capacity.

Best part of the night was the performance from a stylish dope band called Muziquarium. See video below and be sure to check out my instagram page for more.

Side note: I drank a few Labatt Blue’s on tap. That was the probably the first time in about a decade. Also noticed some other “special” or “premium” light beer from the brewery that’s not the regular light, and nothing I’ve ever seen in southwestern Pennsylvania. Didn’t try it though.

Musiquarium live at Sherlocks.

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Proseed @ Smiling Moose, Thursday Night


The last time I performed was July 2014 when I opened for Blueprint. It was a very dope show at Belevedere’s in Lawrenceville. Now I’m back in the Pittsburgh area and doing my first show since at the Smiling Moose in the South Side.  The show is this Thursday, May 25th at 10 PM.

See the Facebook event page here for more info, and if you make it to the show, say “hi”.

Proseed at Smiling Moose, May 25, 2017


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