Episode 1, “Hip hop & the Cult of the Self”

Hello fearless reader…
My name is Proseed and I’ve been a hip hop musician since before I popped my first zit. I needed a blog host to establish a feed for my new podcast, “Feel the Void.” Here it is. The first episode has me discussing the “beef between 90s hip hop and millennium hip hop,” an article/topic from Hiphopgoldenage.com that came about as a result of this up and coming artist named Vince Staples who decided at the tender age of, 22-23 to start expressing opinions like “90s hip hop is overrated.”

I talk about how the current generation has grown up hyper corporate, and I explain why Vince should be quiet.

Listen to the podcast here Thank you for checking out my first podcast episode. Be sure to subscribe for updates!

– Proseed

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